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Hola mi nombre es Jorge Alvarez Arriaga, tengo 21 años de esdad, actualmente curso la Licenciatura en Relaciones comerciales en la Escuela Superior de Comercio y Administracion del Instituto Politecnico Nacional; esta pagina esta creada con el fin de compartir con ustedes mi carrera y aqui tienen algunos datos generales de ella

La Licenciatura en Relaciones comerciales forma profesionales capaces de analizar, plantear, operar, controlar y dirigir todas las actividades del área comercial, con una visión integral de las tendencias de los mercados, logrando cumplir con los objetivos de las organizaciones con un amplio sentido social. Las sociedades actualmente enfrentan retos derivados de las nuevas realidades de economía abiertas y cambios rápidos de tecnología; por ellos la profesión de Licenciado en Relaciones Comerciales requiere estar orientada a la asesoría mercadológica visionaria y de productividad que abarque los ámbitos nacional e internacional. La Licenciatura en Relaciones Comerciales, está certificada ante el Consejo de Acreditación en la Enseñanza de la Contaduría y Administración A.C. , lo cual implica una serie de mecanismos y formas, mediante las cuales se obtiene la comprobación de que la Escuela Superior de Comercio y Administración, cumple con determinados estándares de calidad académica para impartir estudios superiores, ya que con la entrada en vigor del Tratado de Libre Comercio de América del Norte, los profesionistas deben prepararse para enfrentar el reto que plantea el libre flujo de servicios y ello comienza desde la formación que reciben en su educación superior.

Si quieres mas informacion de la carrera entra a estas pagina:

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Hi! My name’s Jorge Alvarez
I’m twenty years old and I’m a student.
I live in Mexico City.
I have short straight dark hair and dark brown eyes. I’m quite tall and slim.
I love to train my pets and I can paint ceramic very well.


In this week the teachers made your presentations in front of the class overcoat Brenda. She takes some photographs of your city, also I saw your house and your school.
I like the forest and lakes of Maine. Maine is really wonderful with defferent colours in the trees during the autumn and snowy days on winter.
I’m going to fly to Maine soon.


In this week, I learned how and when use modals of obligation (Need to, Have to, Should, Shouldn’t, must and mustn’t), also I can talk about of making suggestions and methods of selling how Advertising media, Personal selling, Sales promotions, Public relations, Direct marketing and Sponsorships, additionally, I learned new words and a different vocabulary (consumer, customer, direct mail, discount, Flyer, Marketing, Sales, Sales Pitch, sales Representative, Special Offer and Sponsor).

In this week,I only have 3 classes, in these days, I studied about how make suggestions because we did speaking exam with a partner, also I worked in the book to see the vocabulary that is difficult for me.


We need to decide how to increase sales this month. Any ideas?TANIA: What about offering some discounts?IVONNE: That’s a good idea but our prices are already cheaper than our competitors.TANIA: So why not send some advertising to customers? We could tell them about our prices.ME: I like that. I think we also need to use Internet and email more.IVONNE: What do you mean?TANIA: Well, perhaps we could email some of our old customers and update the website?IVONNE: That’s true. Our website is the same as it was six months ago.ME: OK. I’ll deal with that.IVONNE: What about inviting someone from the local newspaper to visit the factory and show them our new range?ME: Brilliant! But I think we should invite all the newspapers.IVONNE: I’m not sure about that. Do you think they would come?TANIA: We could at least try and see what happens.

We started with unit 10, in this unit I learned the use of Present Perfect also I studied some synonyms of increase (put up, raise, rise and rocket) and decrease (cut, drop, fall, lower, reduce and push down) also I can described different graphs (speaking evaluation) used phrases like increased from, fell to a low point in, remained steady at, reached a peak of, fluctuated between_____and 40 for example.
In the unit 11, the more difficult for my in this moment is the passive voice, I don’t understood very well but with more exercise and practice, I can understood.


Toni is a music student who gives piano lesson al €20 per hour, this graph show the money he made last week, as you can see, the price reached a peak of €40 on Tuesday but has fallen on Wednesday at €20 but on Thursday the cost reached a peak of €60 and has dropped at €20 on Friday an the cost has cut on Saturday in this period

miércoles, 6 de febrero de 2008


My product is a T-shirt.
It is an elegant T-shirt with excellent quality.
It is a black, cotton T-shirt with lines of different colors.
This product is a good idea for an cheap enough or for a elegant party. It is better than a T-shirt of nylon.
Your price is cheaper for all type of customers.
Everyone wants to have one. Call now.

Time of exams
I learned new vocabulary about Feedback on service, Dealing with complaints, Dealing with problems.
In this week, I learned the use and structure grammatical of conditional 1:
If + present tense + future with will or won’t or
If + present tense + can / can’t / could / couldn’t
Also I read an article about Getting better service and make a description of the main points.

In this week make speaking about this situation:
Your company suppliers bread to stores. You received a phone call from a shop manager. Listen to the costumer and offer two possible options:
1.- offer to collect all the extra rolls
2.- tell de shop to sell what they can. Refund the cost of any rolls that they don’t sell
Listen to the shop manager’s decision and promise action.

TANIA: Good morning. I’m the shop manager and I’ve got a problem.
ME: Good morning. What can I do for you?
TANIA: I ordered 200 rolls this morning, but you delivered me 400 rolls.
ME: I’m sorry. There are two possibilities: I could collect all the extra rolls
TANIA: I’m not sure!
ME: Or you could keep the rolls and sell then. If you don’t sell the extra rolls, I will refund the cost.
TANIA: I think that the best solution is to keep all of them
ME: Are you sure?.
TANIA: yes, that’s ok
ME: thank for understand.
In this week, I learned a new vocabulary that is most important for our university because it si about of business. Also i can see the diference between adjetives and adverbs and a example of a meeting into a company and started to prepareate a same dialogo.
In this week i made differents exams: the reading, the listening, a little gramar and a speaking about a meeting in a enggineering firm that have a differents problems with your productivity. But I didn’t make only this, also I learned the use of conditional 2.
TANIA: Good morning colleagues we are meeting because aour company is in a huge problem: The productivity has fallen significantly, the workers are unhappy, our quality is poor and we losses thousands of euros each month. Also our reputation is badly damaged.

Let´s start, we need to decide the best option. Tell my Thiers ideas?

IVONE: We can give a pay increase toa ll the workers. If we do this, the workers will be happy and they improve their productivity. What do you think about that?

TANIA: Is bad idea because need to high cost and our capital is low.

KARLA: What about reduce the level wich workers can earn a productivity bonus.

TANIA: Thats better idea. Do any have other opinions?

ME: Instead of we can appoint a new production manager.

ZURI: Why not cut labour costs? But not recruiting any new workers when people leave.

TANIA: Ok, is time to decide. The better option is Karla´s. Are everybody agree?

ALL: I like that.

To: Staff of Scrutons Ltd.

From: Jorge Alvarez Directir Manager.

Subject: The sales are falling because the workers are unhappily.

Date: 9th Aprii.

You want information about which is de best option because the company have a huge problem. The productivity has fallen significantily, the workers are unhappily, our quality is poor and you lose much money each month.

You have four options:
Give a pay increase to all the workers (this would cost €500 000).
Reduce the level at which workers can earn a productivity bonus (this would cost €300 000).
Appoint a new production manager.
Cut labours cost (e.g. by not recruiting any new workers when people leavel).

I think that the best option for the company is the number two, “reduce the livel of the productivity bonus”.

If you reduce the livel of the productivity bonus, our workers will happy and work very well, and the quality to improve and you won’t lose much money.

The most important is that the cost (€300 000) is cheaper than pay a increase and all the workers will be agree.

If you have any problems or questions about it, please contact me at my office.



In this time (2 weeks) , I only see the unit 15 very fast because in this period, we have a BEC exam.
The lessons in this unit, I learned new vocabulary about management styles like: hierarchy, level, reward, senior, superiors, subordinares, responsibility and more. Also I learned the different between present perfect and past simple.


The ticher is practice with the group using the example of the BEC of our book
This week is more important because all the group are practice vocabulary, speaking, listening, writing and some gramar for de BEC exam, this exam is more important because is the 80% of the mark total.
The teacher talked to us how makes an e-mail and a memo

Good morning. My name is Jorge Alvarez, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Mexico.
Ileft school in 2005 when I was eighteen. And then I went to university. I study Trade Relations.


I´m happy with my carrer. This carrer is of 4 years and is very interesting, a person with a degree in business relations has different abilitis in areas like finance, publicity, sales, production, research, development and more. Also we can find the better solution for each problem of de company.
The best thing about this carrer is that you can work in many areas.


Currently, I work for SONY Company, in this corporation; I’m a Sales Representative and I´m responsable for the sales team.
My main role is to direct the sales of each of our products, deal with all the wholesalers and try to distribute our products in new markets.


SONY is a successful company that always is finding new markets and new opportunitiesto grow.
It also has a bigger percentage of sales than their competitors.
SONY design, develops, manufactures, offers and sells a wide range of electronic goods whit new tecnology and excellent quality.
The Sony’s mission is to creat products that make life better and easier.


SONY started in Japan with a tight budget, however now It has a bigger market share, its headquarter is in Tokyo and it has branches around the world (or worldwide). in places like London, Mexico, Brasil, Spain and Argentina.
Now my company is the leader of its sector and it employs more than 20 000 people.


All our products are designed for use in the office or at home, suitable for people of all ages, very prsctical and made with the best quality,
Each product has a guarantee of 3 years and a free service in the first year.


2005 97%
2006 67%
2007 89%
2008 96%

This graph shows the percent of production that SONY sells each year since 2005.
You can see that between 2005 and 2006 the sales fall 30%, but in 2007 put up 22% and remained steady for 2008 because in this year increase the volume of sales by 7%.


Some predictions about SONY:
I think that It’s possible that the sales of SONY increase the next years, also It will probably that the shares of SONY will increase by 25 points and finally I’m sure that SONY will be the leader of its sector for many years